Reliance Jio free

90 days unlimited 4G data and Calling (Any Network) – Reliance Jio

  RELIANCE JIO has started its 4G LTE and VoLTE services in India. Jio is promising to offer a 10mbps to 40 mbps Internet speed and the best part is that you can access free 4G internet without paying a single rupee for services . Reliance Jio Offering a 90 days / 3 months offer […]

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Windows 10

Windows 10:  Microsoft Recent Release 

Windows 10 ? After successful release of Windows 8 Microsoft just release Windows 10 but what about window 9 ? Well windows 9 doesn’t exists. “We’re not building an incremental product,” said Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group.Microsoft considered the name “Windows One,” he said, to match.Windows 10 is  familiar to end users whether […]

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Windows 8 Driver Update

  Microsoft has launched Microsoft Windows 8 pro and their is no doubt that its a tremendous work of Microsoft  and people are  quite happy with the performance of Windows 8 but  there would be several issues regarding to compatibility  if you installed windows 7 driver with windows 8 pro so here you can find […]

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linux ip commands

Linux ip Commands

    Most of the distribution of linux perfectly run on command line and for Successfull execution of command you must be a root user for that you can use sudo or yum or depends on the open source distribution Network cards are referred to as eth0, eth1, etc. Display Current Config for all NIC’s: ifconfig […]

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Dos ip Commands/Windows ip Commands

  Here are some Ip Commands which are used widely for Windows and DOS. These include ipconfig, trace route, netstat, arp, route, hostname, control netconnections, and other popular DOS and Windows IP commands. Display Connection Configuration: ipconfig /all Displays the TCP/IP protocol sessions: netstat Clear DNS Cache: ipconfig /flushdns Release All IP Address Connections: ipconfig […]

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Windows Command list/DOS Commands

Sometimes GUI doesn’t support at that time we can access our computer with the help of commands and ofcourse If you believe you are expert of computer you must know these commands . Command Prompt : cmd Accessibility Options : access.cpl Add Hardware: hdwwiz.cpl Add / Remove Programs: appwiz.cpl Administrative Tools : control admintools Wizard file […]

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Top 7 Torrent Downloading software (Torrent Client)

    Now days Downloading a content with Torrent Client is a trend . I have seen many programmers who develop their software and for testing they simply create a torrent to share it with subscribers in this way they save money and bandwidth and subscriber or the person have a opportunity to download with […]

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txtor - bypass torrent block

Bypass Torrent Connection Blocking ( Access Torrent in Block Connection)

Since i wrote last article on Torrent Many of You guys asked me how you people can access or download block torrents  or how one can download torrent if your ISP  or Network Administrator of schools, College and workplaces block you or restrict you to download torrents.Usually this problem comes with people who work in […]

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Remote access Software – Remote Access to your PC from Anywhere

  Yesterday one of my friend asked me for help but i was not able to help her as i didn’t know what was the problem exactly. Sometimes it happens that we are not able to detect the problem if we are far away so to overcome this problem we can use a remote control […]

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Top 6 Essential Media Player For You

  Today i am going to share something for you people who love music and movies. Sometimes when you play a file and it says player doesn’t support file so here  i will discuss about 6 player with the help of that you can play any file and these are popular all over the world […]

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