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Windows 8 Driver Update

  Microsoft has launched Microsoft Windows 8 pro and their is no doubt that its a tremendous work of Microsoft  and people are  quite happy with the performance of Windows 8 but  there would be several issues regarding to compatibility  if you installed windows 7 driver with windows 8 pro so here you can find […]

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Windows Command list/DOS Commands

Sometimes GUI doesn’t support at that time we can access our computer with the help of commands and ofcourse If you believe you are expert of computer you must know these commands . Command Prompt : cmd Accessibility Options : access.cpl Add Hardware: hdwwiz.cpl Add / Remove Programs: appwiz.cpl Administrative Tools : control admintools Wizard file […]

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Top 6 Essential Media Player For You

  Today i am going to share something for you people who love music and movies. Sometimes when you play a file and it says player doesn’t support file so here  i will discuss about 6 player with the help of that you can play any file and these are popular all over the world […]

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Install Windows with a Pendrive

  I usually see people complaining about their laptop Damaged CD or DVD rom and its a  fact that these roms have small life . I have face the same problem as I Bought a Soni vaio laptop and soon it came to know that my Dvd rom was not working  but there was no […]

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Microsoft office

Story of Microsoft Office Versions (2007 to 2013)

      Microsoft always try to give a feasible platform to their customers here we will discuss about Microsoft Office Packages. Microsoft Office provides quite useful programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, Microsoft Access , Microsoft InfoPath 2010, Microsoft Office Web Apps, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher […]

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How to Create a Wired LAN Connection without any Router

 Today someone asked how to transfer files in high speed from one computer to laptop so as we know that the fastest trasfer can be achieve only by Lan wire eather it is simple or an optical wire ok i will not take much time and come to the point.if u just want to transfer […]

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Make your Computer Welcome You

    Last year a saw a movi Independence day where Computer of an Engineer welcome the owner and said (pronounced) welcome Dave this kind of thing you could be notice in many movies but the question is a mango people like us could create such type of effect and computer will welcome their users by calling out their names.I am sure you too  want […]

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Lock system with a single click

In one of my previous video Tutotial i show you guys that how to shutdown windows with a single click and after that many people asked me that how that they can create a lock shortcut as we all known that here is no lock screen option in windows 8 so here i will show […]

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How to create shutdown shortcuts in Microsoft Windows 7?

shutdown window with a single click in a second

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