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Install Windows with a Pendrive

  I usually see people complaining about their laptop Damaged CD or DVD rom and its a  fact that these roms have small life . I have face the same problem as I Bought a Soni vaio laptop and soon it came to know that my Dvd rom was not working  but there was no […]

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Run NFS Game in full Screen Here is the solution

  Yesterday Someone asked me that how he could be able to run Nfs in full screen and i know it is quite famous among youngsters even i love to play it and i have face this full screen problem even i have installed all my graphics driver so here i m going to give you […]

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Make your Computer Welcome You

    Last year a saw a movi Independence day where Computer of an Engineer welcome the owner and said (pronounced) welcome Dave this kind of thing you could be notice in many movies but the question is a mango people like us could create such type of effect and computer will welcome their users by calling out their names.I am sure you too  want […]

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