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If you build a web site and want to make it accessible on the Web, you have to put your web site on a computer that has a special software call a Web Server that communicates with other computers on the internet to access files. This computer has to have a dedicated static IP address […]

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Cheap Domains

  Domain name is the address of a website on the web and  are used to identify one or more IP addresses. domain name is what you see in the address bar after the “www.” in your web browser and it’s what comes after the @ sign in an email address. Domain names consist of […]

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Best Webhosting

Best Webhosting

                    In Last post  Web-hosting  i gave a detailed knowledge of  hosting . If you want to launch a website there is a need of web – host where you will put your website. One should choose a good web-host so one can be easily run one’s website so  Here is a list of […]

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