Dos ip Commands/Windows ip Commands


Here are some Ip Commands which are used widely for Windows and DOS. These include ipconfig, trace route, netstat, arp, route, hostname, control netconnections, and other popular DOS and Windows IP commands.


Display Connection Configuration: ipconfig /all

Displays the TCP/IP protocol sessions: netstat

Clear DNS Cache: ipconfig /flushdns

Release All IP Address Connections: ipconfig /release

Renew All IP Address Connections: ipconfig /renew


Re-Register the DNS connections: ipconfig /registerdns

Change/Modify DHCP Class ID: ipconfig /setclassid

DNS Cache Info: ipconfig /displaydns

Network Connections: control netconnections

Network Setup Wizard: netsetup.cpl

Test Connectivity: ping or ping

Trace Route: tracert

Resolved MAC Addresses: arp

Local Route: route

Display Name of Computer Currently on: hostname

Display DHCP Class Information: ipconfig /showclassid



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