Run NFS Game in full Screen Here is the solution


Yesterday Someone asked me that how he could be able to run Nfs in full screen and i know it is quite famous among youngsters even i love to play it and i have face this full screen problem even i have installed all my graphics driver so here i m going to give you solution of this problem and i am not going to make this complicated you dont have to do any changes or any programming .

Here i have a program for u just run it and with the help of that you can easily play NFS  (Need For Speed ) in full screen just click below and download link from our partner site .


[button link=”” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”] Download Program[/button]




After Downloading the program Simple Follow these steps.


Step 1. Unzip all contents to your NFSMW root folder

Step 2. Type in your desired resolution

Step 3. Select you version then hit launch

Have fun now you can see NFS is running in Full Screen . Have Fun…….
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