Monitor your Computer activities Free and without any software like key logger.


Now a days to save our family, friends and children from frauds it is essential to monitor all the activites of your computer. Yes you hear right today i will shown you how to moniter you computer activities without paying a single rupee or dollar. In previos post i discuss about keyloggers and most of you asked me that which keylogger is safe cheap for you people but here i will show you a technique where you don’t need any Keylogger Software. This technique is usefull in Windows 7 as well as in Windows 8 so readers here i will discuss about psr that is known a problem steps recorder and works almost like keylogger. Here i will show you how to use it u just have to follow these simple steps. If you have any problem you can see video reference below.


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Step 1. In Windows 7 : Just click press windows button and search psr.

In Windows8 : press window button and type psr.


Step 2. A psr recoder will open just click on the red circled portion and you will hav some option click on settings.



Step 3. In settings you can give a path where you want to save activity information as well as images.



Step 4. There is a option of screen capture you can enable it or disable it nd up to you well i will suugst let it be enable.

Step 5.  Click on ok.


These were the settings and now Recording phase is –


Step 1.  Now go to main menu and click on start


Step2.  Minimize it and when you return just stop it  and you will have all the activity report that which are the website are accessed in your computer what are the password and username are used and you can see the screen shots of activities.

If you are using against experts i will prefer you to use Keylogger and you can get detailed knowledge here Click on Keylogger.

so Hav fun……


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