Zurker, A Social network where you are Owners not Users.


Do you think that you are using Social Networking site in that case you r wrong actually  these sites are using you and making money for thier owners.

After posting about Zurker many of you asked me that what is zurker exactly why shoud we join it so here i will elaborate you all the benifts  over other Netorking site and all that as i search a lot on Zurker and here i will not make it complicated and try to give answer in 2 or 3 lines which have asked me by you guys.

What is Zurker?
Zurker is a Social networking site and a strong compitetor of facebook,google and other Networking sites.


Benefits over other Networking site(Why should i join this?)???
Actually it provides quite intersting features.

1. Vshare: Generally networking sites like facebook or google make profit
but does not share profit with you guys in that case not a single user have
a single rupee or dollar but here in zurker they provide you shares  .

2. Owners of Zurker: You are the owners as you will have zurker shares.

3. should i have to pay for share of Zurker: No you don’t have to anything you just have to make a account and you will be able to get zurker shares freely.

4. If i am a owner in that case can i make changes in zurker: You can’t made it directly but you can give suggestion if all the or most of the share holders would be interested .

5. Friendship Restrictions:  There is a Quite cool feature generally in facebook after reaching a limit friendship sending request automatically disapprove weather you know the members . Here in zurker no such type of problem will occur.

6. New Friends: Here in zurker you can make new friends according to your intrest here friends are suggested according to your interest not only on the basis school , college or mutual friend concept.

7. Security & Restrictions: There are quite intresting security fetures here you can put a criteria who can join you or send
you friend request and you can put a unique question which is generally known by your friend and relative
and only those send you friend request who have the answer of that question that also a interesting feature.

And many more interesting features like multiple email address but you have to hurry because vshare will be provided until the website is in beta testing mode so hurry and create account soon and perhaps one day you will be millionayer .



How To create a account in Zurker?
You can not create a account in Zurker Untill you have a invitation  so Here is a invitation for you guy. Below Click on Invitation.

[button link=”http://www.zurker.in/i-353771-wiwsezedjl” type=”icon” icon=”people” newwindow=”yes”] Invitation Link[/button]