How to Create a Wired LAN Connection without any Router

 Today someone asked how to transfer files in high speed from one computer to laptop so as we know that the fastest trasfer can be achieve only by Lan wire eather it is simple or an optical wire ok i will not take much time and come to the point.if u just want to transfer files or share network it can be happen by two ways .

First method: you need a router or switch and a lan wire

Second Method : You don’t need any switch but this time you need only a cross pin LAN wire. If you don’t have you can create it but if you dont know how to create a cross pin lan wire you just visit a computershop and asked him for crosspin Lan wire for that you have to pay hardly 30 Rs in India.

Presently I will describe the second Method because it is cheap and easy and if you have switch and u are intrested in first method let me know i will describe it to you guys .

Method 2

so here we go…..
1.  Create password in both the computer if your account is not password protected .
(Administrator password which appears in login screen of windows).For that go to controle pannel
select the user and give it a password do this to both the computer.

2. Turn off your Windows firewall while you make connection and do transfer. If you have a Anvirus make
sure Fire wall is off or just remove it while making connection if u can and hav a copy of that if not
don’t remove antivirus but make sure antivirus firewal is off.

3. Take the crosspin lan wire and plug in both the computer when you plug in you could be able to see someting moving over the network icon which is placed on the right side of the taskbar.

4. Now right click on that and click on network button the option Open Network an Sharing Centre.

and then the below window will appear.


5. Now Click on Wired Ethernet Connection there can be somthing else instead of Internet but dosen’t matter just click on that and the below window will appear .


6.  Just click on the properties and next window will appear.


7.  Here Scroll down the bar and there will be a option of Internet protocol version 4 (tcp/ IPV4) double click on that and you will see the next window.


8.  Here click on the button Use the following ip address and fill as below shown in figure and press OK.



9.  Do same thing with the Second computer but this time in ip adress window type the ip and subnet and tick the validate setting upon exit and press apply and ok.

10.  Now in first computer open command promp and write ping  if it shows some data transfer successful then gud else check your firewall setting after that go to my computer and select the drive which you want to share right click on that and click on properties and then click on share tab  and and there click on share this drive .

click on apply and then ok .

11. Now go to search optionin first computer  and type the name of second computer i assume it swissen computer actually it is the name which you give during installation of windows.

When you  findout the second computer  then just click on the swissen computer it will asked you the password of swissen just fill it and now you have full access to swissen computer drive from your first computer . you can do this with your all drive and share all data .

So have fun……
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