How to create shutdown shortcuts in Microsoft Windows 7?


Generally when we want to shutdown our system we have to click start button on windows 8 we have to click on right side setting after then have to click on power option then on shutdown which takes time so here i will show you how to make a shortcut of shutdown by clicking on that you can simply shutdown your system within seconds by on that shortcut .
I beleive that every one will be aware that how to creat a shortcut . well i will guide you step by step just follow below steps if you have any problem while execution just see video reference.

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Step First:  Right-click on the desktop and navigate to New | Shortcut

Step Two:  Navigate the menu to create a new shortcut.

Step Three: when you click the Shortcut menu item, you will arrive at the input screen

Step Four: Enter the command for shortcut.Here we will enter the specific command that will shut down a Windows PC. Type the following command into the box

                                                                     Shutdown.exe -s -t 00



Step Five:  On next screen you have to give a name to shortcut. Give it an appropriate name like Shutdown.

you can change icon if you face any problem with that just click on video reference.



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