How to Format Computer with a Pendrive


I Bought a Soni vaio laptop and soon it came to know that my Dvd rom was not working  but there was no problem as I always install windows with the help of pen drives but one day a critical condition came in front of me then I use this method to format the windows which I am going to show you so there is no problem if your Cdrom or Dvd rom is not working you can format your computer or laptop with a single pen drive so here we go.

But before that i will suggest you you should install windows with the help of pendrive and while installing you can format your drive it is most efficient and safe method . If you want to know How to install windows with pendrive  just click on How to create a bootable pendrive  .

or You can use below Method (B) but i will recommend you above method.


Method B:

You need a software which you can download from here

[button link=”” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”] Download software package [/button]



 Now here’s the simple steps just follow it –

  • Hope you have download the files now just extract these files somwhere
  • When you will extract the file you will findout two folders with the name of BOOTSECT and the other USB_Prep8 in it.
  • Go to the Usb_prep8 folder and open the file USB_Prep8.cmd file. Now you can see a command prompt window.
  • The window will ask you to press any key and when you do so a new USB_Prep8 window will open. Remember do not close the command prompt window now.
  • Now set the path of your USB drive in the USB_Prep8 window and start formatting your pen drive. DO NOT close any of the windows open.
  • Now open a new command prompt window,
  • Now navigate to the bootsect folder in this window.
  • Once you reach the bootsect folder type “bootsect.exe /nt52 g:” where g is the letter attached to your USB flash drive.
  • Once you do this you will see a message that bootcode was updated. Now you can close this command prompt window but not the other one as yet.
  • now go the PeToUSb window and close it. Again do not close close the USB_prep8 command prompt window.
  • After you have closed this window you should see a list of 8 options in the command prompt window.
  • Select the first option and enter the location of your windows installation disc.
  • The second option will ask you to enter a drive letter. Assign random letter to this option as this will be a virtual drive. Do not assign a letter that is already attached to a drive on your computer.
  • Select option 3 and enter the drive letter for your flash drive.
  • Select 4 and follow the instructions as they build up on your computer screen. Rest is easy following.

It will take about 15 to 20 minutes you will have a USB drive that will be similar in action to a windows installation disc. Now we begin the procedure for installing XP on your netbook or your computer with the damaged cd rom drive. Remember your computer must be able to boot from the usb drive mode. Once you have set your computer to boot from USB follow the given steps:

  • Insert the USB drive you have prepared just now into any of the USB ports on your computer.
  • Let your computer boot from the USB drive
  • From the two options select option 2 and let start the text based installation.
  • Delete all the partitions on your hard drive lest it will result in hal.dll or other issues.
  • Now let the format go on and once setup restarts boot again from the USB drive and now chose the GUI option to boot.
  • Again after the installation completes you may face problems while booting from the hard disk. If you face a problem, boot again from the USB Drive and GUI option. Now when XP boots type msconfig in run and go to boot.ini. Check all boot batchs may solve your problem. If it does not get solved, try changing the boot path in your boot.ini file into something like this:‘multi(o)disk(0)rdisk(o)partition(1)Windows=”Windows XP Pro” /fastdetect’.

Hope this will help you but I will suggest you just use another option in which install windows with the help of pendrive and while installation format the drive as this is the easiest and safest method and if you don’t know how to create a bootable windows installation pendrive check out my article How To Install Windows XP, Windows7, Windows8, Linux with the help of pendrive.
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