10 Free calls daily in 40 countries.



From a long time i searching for somthing with the help of that i could be able to make free calls now  i have something for you with the help of that you can made 10 free calls in a day  to anyone in 40 different countries . Well there are many other websites which provide this service but for a limited time like 40 seconds or 1 minute but with this app there is no such time limitation .





Crowd Call is a very good and useful for conferencing with your friends or business cliens, from your Smartphone. With the help of Crowd Call, you can easily have 10 calls per day over 40 countries worldwide free of cost. Not only that, there is no time limit for any call. If you are thinking that this apps is like Skype, then i wouls i to aware you This apps is totally different from Skype and other Calling based apps. The feature which make it different from other is that the person you are going to call does not need to have any app installed in his phone, he just needs to have a validphone number and he can be invited into conference.




The only thing which you need, to make free calls is an Android or iPhone device.

You are getting 10 free calls per day which you can use to call your friends or relatives , on iPhone at a time you can select 2 person to call together and after the call is connected you can again minimize the call and call another two persons and merge call together for free 5 person conference call.

You can get the apps for your iPhone or Android device from Cowd Call Official Website.(Click here)

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  1. Samay Reply

    Interesting app

  2. Amar Reply

    can i use it with Symbian supported mobiles ????

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